Intellexer SDK version released.

Intellexer SDK

EffectiveSoft releases a new version of the proprietary semantic solution Intellexer SDK. Now, Intellexer SDK is gradually enhanced due to improved and enriched functionality of semantic modules, such as Comparator, Categorizer and Summarizer.

EffectiveSoft is planning to implement and release three new versions of a standalone Document Summarizer based upon the latest Intellexer SDK version.

One of the versions under the name Document Summarizer Light is targeted at public audience. It has the minimum of software requirements and is easy to use. Another version is designed for scientists, engineers, and R&D departments who deal with a great amount of documents. This version has a conventional name Document Summarizer for Scientists. It offers users high precision of summarization and incorporates a number of advanced features, such as summarization of patents and scientific articles.

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