EffectiveSoft presents a new version of Intellexer SDK

Intellexer SDK

EffectiveSoft developers released a new version of unique semantic platform Intellexer SDK. The version 3.0 has been greatly enhanced. Now new Intellexer SDK 4.0 has improved modules such as Document Comparator, Question-answering System, Linguistic Processor Plus, Spellchecker (Russian Language Support), Document Categorizer, Document Summarizer (improved summarization algorithm, new summary types).

Moreover some new modules have been introduced:

We sell both Intellexer SDK 3.0 and the new version. But there is a possibility to upgrade previous version to Intellexer SDK 4.0. This service is for the additional payment.


Contact us to learn more about Intellexer SDK or visit http://www.intellexer.com

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