EffectiveSoft offers 50% off on Intellexer Summarizer, Summarizer Pro and Categorizer

EffectiveSoft company announces a special 50% discount on popular desktop semantic tools for experts: Intellexer Summarizer, Summarizer Pro and Intellexer Categorizer.

Don't be late: this half price offer is valid only until the end of 2010.

Intellexer Summarizer

Intellexer Summarizer and Categorizer are highly appraised desktop software for knowledge retrieval and data management. Due to complicated linguistic, statistical and heuristic algorithms Intellexer Summarizer dramatically increases work productivity and creates short and concise summaries of documents. Now you don't need to read the entire document to grasp its main ideas. Another EffectiveSoft's solution Intellexer Categorizer organizes large amounts of text files into categories and dramatically saves your time.

Intellexer Document Summarizer is a standalone application enabling you to analyze texts, web documents or e-mails and receive short and clear summary of documents of any size.
Intellexer Summarizer Pro is designed for professional use of data mining engineers, researches, patent and market analysts and other domain experts.

What customers get:

High accuracy of summarization (due to the linguistic core enhancements)

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Intellexer Categorizer desktop software is intended for automatic document categorization and document management. Categorizer classifies documents and arranges them in user-defined categories. This stand-alone application is efficient if you need to organize bulk amounts of documents, distribute documents in folders, find similar files and to perform everyday tasks. Document categorization is empowered by complicated semantic technologies based on Natural Language Processing.

Intellexer Categorizer

Benefits and features of Intellexer Categorizer:

Save up to 50 % on Intellexer Categorizer untill the end of 2010.

Reaf more about Intellexer Summarizer and Categorizer at our websites: http://summarizer.intellexer.com/ and http://categorizer.intellexer.com/

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