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EffectiveSoft realizes custom software development for Google Glass

Our developers create software applications for the Google Glass device.

With the release of an early adopter program from Google, our specialists started working on the Glass technology and have gained considerable experience in programming for the device.

Google Glass is a wearable computer with an HMD, a hands-free, smartphone-like device representing augmented reality glasses.

Google Glass is a unique technology, having numerous advantageous features. The device interacts with the user and the Internet via voice commands in natural language. Google Glass has advanced multimedia capability (photography and video etc.) and close interaction with social networking services. Moreover, Glass uses many already-existing Google applications.

If you would like to leverage the new technology and are interested in the development of software for Glass, contact us and our specialists will help you design and create an optimal custom application for the device. Learn more about our services of Custom Programming for Google Glass...

March 22, 2013