Strategic partnership between Atolina AB (Sweden) and EffectiveSoft, Ltd. (Belarus).

Swedish company Atolina AB is proud to announce conclusion of a strategic partnership agreement with the Belarusian software company EffectiveSoft, Ltd. The agreement covers exclusive rights awarded to Atolina AB for promotion and sales of EffectiveSoft’s entire product line and software development services on the Swedish market.

Roger Hellqvist, CEO and President of Atolina AB, highly appreciates this valuable agreement as a breakthrough between Sweden and Belarus in our joint efforts to promote Belarusian state-of-the-art software development competence in Sweden. By the conclusion of said agreement, Atolina AB will ensure the promotion and sales of EffectiveSoft’s high-quality products under the appealing conditions of the competitive Swedish market.


Atolina AB (www.atolina.se) is a company promoting Swedish-Belarusian cooperation in Sweden.

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