EffectiveSoft renders *nix Systems Design and Administration Services

Our system administrators carry out configuration and installation, maintenance and support of *nix systems.

*nix systems are the operating systems, similar to Unix OS, but not necessarily conforming to it. EffectiveSoft renders the full range of *nix systems installation, administration and server maintenance services.

We have the relevant expertise in the design, customization and support of custom *nix projects. Our system administrators can provide *nix system installation from scratch, fine adjustment of the system, monitoring and support of customer’s servers.

A dedicated team of *nix experts will carry out the optimum configuration for the project based on the estimated load, customization of the system, performance optimization and adjustment of settings up to the varying load

If you are interested in professional *nix systems administration services, contact us and our specialists will provide assistance at every stage of design and maintenance of your *nix project. Learn more about our *nix Systems Administration Services.

December 20, 2012

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