Meet Our New Chief Marketing Officer

EffectiveSoft welcomes Jodie Pait on her appointment to the role of the Chief Marketing Officer. Jodie brings a wealth of international experience as a marketing leader and is definitely going to play a significant role in our growth.
  • 4 months ago
  • 3 min read

We asked Jodie a number of questions about her professional background, aspirations for the role of our CMO, and the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

What is your professional background?

I’ve always been a business strategist, predominantly in the form of marketing and consulting. I’ve held global, regional, and US-based marketing strategy roles at Fortune 500 companies like IBM, Cisco, Quintiles (now IQVIA), and Lumen. And I’ve launched three brands (IBM WebSphere, IBM PureSystems, Quantum Fiber) and re-branded a fourth (Quintiles). I’ve had a very rewarding career collaborating with some of the best minds in the industry.

For those unfamiliar, what are the day-to-day responsibilities for the CMO role in a company?

As the CMO, my primary responsibility will be to develop and execute successful marketing campaigns that increase sales and generate revenue. This includes brand development, market research, pricing, product marketing, GTM planning and execution, communications, advertising, and public relations. Additionally, as the guardian of the brand, I will be responsible for developing and maintaining a consistent voice for the brand, ensuring that EffectiveSoft communicates our values and what our company stands for across all our messages and channels.

How do you feel about joining the EffectiveSoft team?

I’m really excited about joining EffectiveSoft. I love developing business strategies; and with EffectiveSoft already having established a strong foundation with ample critical pillars to accelerate organizational growth, I’m confident about the company’s future. Christopher (CEO) brings a wealth of experience in the Americas market, so I’m excited to partner with him in devising growth strategies that propel EffectiveSoft to much success. And by all accounts, the company has a hugely talented technical team that has garnered ample awards and customer testimonials. Clearly EffectiveSoft is on a good path, and I look forward to contributing to its growth and expansion.

What do you hope to achieve in the new role?

I see my role as being the driver of innovation – to develop and implement sophisticated strategies that drive top-line revenue. In many ways, I will be a change agent to empower EffectiveSoft to stay ahead, while being the driving force behind long-term success. And in order to be successful, it’s critical that I measure and understand data to effectively validate that our strategy is working and is creating a strong ROI. These are some of the main goals I want to achieve as the CMO.

What are you passionate about professionally/personally?

At work, I love mentoring. I’ve had fantastic bosses and mentors throughout my career, where I learned best practices across multiple marketing disciplines. I enjoy sharing what my mentors have taught me over the years, as well as what I learned, and I look forward to continuing that at EffectiveSoft. On a personal level, I love being a mom to three amazing daughters. My husband and I are blessed to be caretakers of such smart and talented young ladies.