EffectiveSoft Introduces a New CEO

As of May 16th, 2022 - EffectiveSoft has named Christopher Johnson as CEO with current CEO, Alex Kirkovsky, moving into a board of directors position.
  • 6 months ago
  • 2 min read

EffectiveSoft has global success with their great reputation for quality software engineering services and are looking to Christopher Johnson to scale EffectivesSoft’s presence in the US marketplace and add additional global development centers.

EffectiveSoft’s lead investment firm, Zubr Capital said: “Christopher has made a spectacular career in IT services (software engineering) business, which includes extensive experience in scaling sales and marketing operations in the US, as well as building successful and long-term client relationships. We are happy to welcome Chris in his new position of CEO of EffectiveSoft. As investors, we commit to further support the company and its new CEO in scaling EffectiveSoft operations, reaching a larger client base and providing our US and European clients with advanced quality of software engineering services.”

Christopher Johnson has spent his career focused in custom software services with globally distributed teams in the US, Europe, and Latin America. As CEO, Christopher will draw on all of his experience to set the strategy, culture, and help grow EffectiveSoft’s market share in the US.

“It’s clear that EffectiveSoft has a strong culture focused on its people, clients, and values. This is the only way to differentiate in this industry – to execute on great results for clients and enjoy the process with the people you chose to work with,”said Chris. “ I’m honored to be on this team and to help carry the mission forward.”

Prior to joining EffectiveSoft, Chris served as an executive at Gorilla Logic in Colorado. He was responsible for building their sales and account management functions to help scale the company. Chris led the company to more than 5x growth in a 4 year period with US based clients and global delivery centers.

Companies of all sizes and industries are looking for trusted software engineering firms to help build something new and/or help scale their current effort. With the addition of Christopher as CEO, EffectiveSoft Corporation is well positioned with its reputation of great software engineering and great people to really grow as a trusted partner in the US and Europe.