Effective Agile Strategies Panel Discussion at EffectiveSoft Office in La Jolla

On Feb 19th, 2018 EffectiveSoft hosted a panel discussion on Effective Agile Strategies.
  • 5 years ago
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The audience shared how they deal with budget, project goals, deadlines and team management on Agile projects. During the discussion, the panelists addressed such important issues as budget constraints, knowledge transfer, project failure examples, Scrum/Kanban choice, handling QA on Agile projects, and many others.

The event took place at EffectiveSoft’s office in La Jolla. The list of attendees included tech leaders and senior-level software development professionals having dozens of successfully completed Agile projects under their belt.

Our respected panelists were:

  • Ali Arsanjani, Vice President Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at 8×8
  • Garrett D’Amore, CTO and Founder at Staysail Systems, Inc.
  • Raj Oswal, Founder & CEO O’Interface, Inc.

Originally planned for 1 hour, the panel took around 2 hours and was followed by an add-on presentation by one of the panelists, Raj Oswal, titled ‘Building A Consortium Of Partners in Biotech’. The event finished with a networking session, where the attendees made connections and exchanged experience while having drinks.