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How We Develop Software Applications

How We Develop Software Applications

Software development companies usually expect that their customers know exactly what kind of software they
need, which approaches and technologies should be used to create to product, etc. We have a different
opinion. Our clients come up with ideas, and we assist them in turning these ideas into reality. Our
specialists find out customers’ business objectives to develop their vision of the product and formulate a
business proposal.

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Software Prototyping

The software prototyping is a wise choice for those customers who cannot afford wasting precious time
communicating with the software development team and studying all the documentation related to the project.
How does it work? Our Business Analyst conducts an interview with the client to build a UI/UX prototype of
the solution. We use this approach when we develop:

  • Web solutions;
  • Mobile apps;
  • Data management solutions.

The prototyping approach creates an excellent opportunity to reduce product development time and costs.
Beyond that, the customer gets a visual representation of the final product, thus getting a great chance to
get a proper understanding of all the features that the solution will have.

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What We Offer

  • Logs

    A detailed log of all the briefs, communications, Q&A, and more.

  • Prototype

    An interactive prototype and UI screenshots.

  • Specifications

    Complete product specifications that can be used by software developers.

Pre-Project Analysis

EffectiveSoft specialists render valuable assistance in identifying customers’ needs, writing product
specifications, etc. We take the following steps:


We have a team of certified business analysts who boast long experience in different industry domains and
have programming skills. These professionals work closely with our clients to carefully analyze their ideas,
choose the most attractive options, and translate their ideas into the product concept.

System Specification

The specification is an indispensable part of any software development project. Our system analysts and
experienced software developers join their forces to prepare this detailed information by focusing on
product features and security, performance, and functionality requirements.

Development Process

Development Process

We apply effective methodologies and powerful tools to successfully carry out all the projects. Our
customers can choose different software development models:

  • Our software team can act as an Offshore Development Center. Have you ever
    thought of working with a remote team? Different organizations benefit from using our human resources
    and technical infrastructure for as long as they need to develop a great product.
  • Being a highly flexible methodology, Agile Development
    means a close collaboration between the customer and the contractor and results into the rapid response
    to change and continuous development.
  • Interface Design and Development. People usually judge an
    application by its interface. Beautifully designed apps are more likely to grab users’ attention than
    poorly designed ones. We provide our clients with UI design and development services to create software
    products with an attractive interface design that users will like.
  • JAD Development. This methodology is often chosen for
    medium- and small-scale projects. Being centered around workshop sessions where end-users, developers,
    and other experts collaborate to develop an application in a fast and errorless manner.
  • The Closed Loop model. This exclusive approach is a good fit for
    long-term and large-scale projects where full-cycle development services are not the only propriety.
    Constant advancements, post-launch support, system’s migration, and more are also the focus of


The role of quality assurance in the software development process cannot be underestimated. Our QA engineers
adopt different techniques and approaches to make sure that the application works properly and comply with
all the standards.

Support and

We believe that any software project deserves efficient support and maintenance services. Our IT specialists
guarantee the provision of such services for all the products developed by EffectiveSoft, and also extend
them to 3rd partly solutions if needed.

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