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Ruby on Rails Programming

EffectiveSoft team is skilled in Ruby on Rails (ROR) web development. We provide customers with fast and reliable Web 2.0-compliant solutions, rich web applications, created with the Ruby on Rails.

Ruby on Rails development services

Ruby on Rails (ROR) development services

EffectiveSoft software company creates Ruby on Rails applications, tailored to meet customer needs:

Ruby on Rails allows building rich internet applications with ASP.NET AJAX usability advantages: cross-browser support, drug-and-drop, partial page updates, accordion, cascading drop down and many other features.

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About Ruby on Rails:

Ruby on Rails is well known as open source development framework for programming on Ruby language, based on MVC, with PERL, Small talk, Python features. It is used with Agile methodology, Convention over Configuration (CoC) principles and follows the Rapid development foundations of DRY, or Don't repeat yourself; Rails is ideal for creating cost and time saving, flexible rich web applications.