Execution Management System

EffectiveSoft developers created the Execution Management System (EMS) for Edge Trade Company; this is e-commerce software for trading on stock exchanges online. This e-commerce software improves online trading process greatly for brokers and other dealers. This is an example of Java development, with the usage of different technologies as Java WebStart, JMX, JDBC, Java Mail, JSTL, POI and others.

Project background

EffectiveSoft provides Java development services, and Execution Management System is an example of Java-based project. EMS is supposed to be an independent platform for stock exchange and for online trading on main exchanges as NASDAQ, NYCE and others. EMS was created by professional team of EffectiveSoft company’s software engineers with the power of Java programming language, JMX, JDBC, Swing, Swingx, Trove technologies and tools. Execution Management System is successfully applied by broker-dealers, asset managers and hedge and mutual funds.

Execution Management System consists of two independent projects: a client side of EMS and a back office side of EMS (BackOffice-Execution Management System).

The client side of EMS is a desktop application for multistock trading online for buy side and sell side traders; the back office of this e-commerce software is an administrative web application, allowing monitoring executions, to manage orders; client authentication and trading of securities support happen here too.

Due to modularly design of the system, DMA order types, low-latency market data and easy integration into customer’s screen interfaces, Execution Management System assists in multistock online trading, reduces risks and helps to improve executing process.

Software development company EffectiveSoft released EMS e-commerce software as a flexible platform for single-stock and other orders, with smart executing algorithms.

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Project utilizes

Total project development time

5 years

Lines of code



IDEA, Eclipce, Jprofiler, TOAD, PowerDesigner, Apache Ant, CVS, Putty, FogBugz


DB – Oracle 9.0, JAVA 1.4 -1.6, Java WebStart, JMX, JDBC, Swing, Swingx, Trove, LOG4J, JUnit, Applocation Server – Apache Tomcat-6.X, Struts, AJAX, DHTML, DisplayTag, Struts, Jackarta Commons, Java Mail, JSTL, POI

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