Automated Game System

Bingo is an automated game system developed by EffectiveSoft company by request.  It supports different variations of Bingo Lottery and inherits experience from the previous DOS based Bingo system. It supports both types of Bingo Lottery – the games with paper coupons and the games with digital coupons. Created solution enables users to perform simultaneous drawings in various play halls.

Project Background

A team of business analysts, .Net developers, system architects and project managers took part in the development of Bingo solution. This portfolio solution includes a complex of multiply software products. Software products are combined into the logical units called Bingo Halls that include facilities to control and maintain the game process, and represent it to end users (through game terminals, TV showcase, voice generators). Each Bingo Hall can run games separately or Bingo Halls can be organized in groups so as to run mutual games, intended to increase the profit of the system.

Solution highlights

  • Bingo project is a geographically distributed system (contains halls and National Server). It presents automatic centralized games and manual controlled games for group of halls. Manual controlled games are very flexible and various. Today system has more than 150 different games.
  • This System can be easily adjusted for needs of the end user. It has more than 200 parameters that will change system’s behavior and appearance. New games can be created and added to the system at any moment.
  • The project includes robust reporting subsystem, that allows collecting and comparing statistics information for different aspects of the game process.
  • Bingo solution allows to reduce number of staff up to 1 person per Hall.

Benefits for the customers

  • Geographically distributed system with reliable communication
  • Flexible functionality that can be easily fine-tuned for customer’s needs
  • Responsive remote support of the system
  • Enhanced security of the project
  • Team has comprehensive knowledge about customer’s business needs
  • Ongoing technical support, no idle time is caused by technical problems
  • High-quality design of game interface

Project utilizes

Total project development time


Lines of code



MS SQL Server 2005, MS Visual Studio 2005/2010, Indy Sockets library, Microchip MPLab, CCS PIC Compiler, Jira, FishEye with Crucible, Confluence, Bamboo, SVN, StyleCop


.NET Framework 2.0 (WinForms), .NET Framework 4.0 (WPF, WCF), XML, XSLT, HTML

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