What's new: EffectiveSoft to update Intellexer solutions to 4.1 version

The family of Intellexer solutions is now updated to 4.1 version with extended functionality and improved capabilities. The line of Intellexer products is supplemented with two new products Related Facts and Intellexer Summarizer plug-ins for Internet Explorer.

EffectiveSoft to update Intellexer solutions

Intellexer SDK (semantic platform for knowledge analyses) is the core of our solutions. And all products are completely compatible with each other.

Related Facts IE plug-in improves Google search by selecting 5 topics and supplementing them with related facts, relevant to custom search request.

Make full use of Related Facts for Internet Explorer.

Download Related Facts IE plug-in and improve your Google search results.

Summarizer IE plug-in creates precise summary of any Web page in English and extracts main concepts.
IE Summarizer creates theme-oriented (e.g. politics, economics), structure-oriented (e.g. scientific article, patent) and concept-oriented summaries and highlights main concepts of the Web page.

Benefit from IE Summarizer:

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If you are interested in semantic software, we also encourage you to download Summarizer Pro v4.1 or try Summarizer Standard.

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