Customer Support / Helpdesk Services Use Case

EffectiveSoft realizes Customer Support Services for one of the biggest and most famous E-shop. Here is the detailed Use Case of outsourcing of these services. There is a customer support team or a helpdesk center which has been established on our site. The size of the team is changed according to the customer's needs. Training is organized for new helpdesk members.

This kind of outsourcing enables helpdesk center to be available 24 hours a day due to the time zone difference between our team and that of our customer's; someone is always online and ready to help. But the work of the helpdesk is in fact much more than just replying to trouble tickets. This is a more complicated system, involving cooperation with several instances and carrying out various interdependent tasks.

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Online Store Specifics and Common Trouble Issues

The connection between the seller and the client is established through a company website, playing the key role. All the communication between the vendor and customers (as well as other instances) is realized through a website.


There is such a common scheme of communication process like: customers - website - seller. Besides, there are other significant instances or stages of the deal, which the process of purchasing a good/service can't be successful without:


There is a range of products, offered by the vendor and represented at the website. The goods can be distributed into categories; and as a rule they are followed by corresponding detailed product information.


There is a complicated system of pricing and payment, including payment processing (e.g., credit cards charging), refunding, discounting etc.


There is a network of suppliers who provide the vendor with all the necessary products which are then allocated at the company's warehouse to be offered and sold to customers at the store.


Finally, when all the necessary transactions are complete, the items are sent to a customer, awaiting his purchase. That is realized with the help of a delivery service.

How Problems are Solved

Everything hinges on customer support operators - a Helpdesk Center, who manage all the issues arising on any stage of the deal.


Some problems appear already at the beginning, when a customer needs to get registered. A customer might face some problems, already creating an account and using it. So he or she turns to the help centre. Helpdesk operators assist the user in account matters, as well as some other issues, concerning the website such as, for example, site sections, specifics of the site itself, ordering basics.


When the customer is interested in purchasing something or ordering some service and starts searching for it on the vendor's website, he/she also may need some help. Helpdesk members assist them when they enquire whether the product is in stock, when he needs more information on the product or service etc.


Helpdesk assistants process trouble tickets concerning all kind of billing issues, different payment methods, manage transactions, payment and pricing issues, process payment and pricing (including, for example, credit cards charging)etc.


The vendor collaborates with a network of suppliers, and in order to manage product issues and ordering goods in particular, helpdesk operators carry out appropriate tasks, cooperating with a chain of supplier instances, including, for example, ordering goods from suppliers, item tracking and so on.


Questions and problems appear when the product is ordered, in transit, allocated at the vendor's warehouse, delivered to the customer. Sometimes a parcel is delayed, damaged or missing, the address is wrong, the items or parcels are mixed up etc. Customer support operators carry out order processing, including shipping and delivery issues, conflict resolution, returns and refunds handling.



For the sake of the shop's security or to prevent fake orders, helpdesk members conduct accounts tracing, fraud customers detecting and fraud orders preventing.


Trouble tickets are automatically grouped by themes/issues and are sent to different specialists accordingly.


There is a decision support system for even more effective work of the whole helpdesk. Moreover, our unique semantic tools are applied for instant search for replies to clients' enquiries.


EffectiveSoft conducts personnel training for the customer company's custom support . EffectiveSoft experts regularly work out special tutorials for new customer support service employees. Our specialists have the necessary expertise to carry out recruitment arrangements and to arrange work sites.

Being a software development company, EffectiveSoft can provide conditions and both establish an offshore team for Helpdesk Services, as well as organize an onshore custom support team.

To learn more information about call center services as applied to your domain specifically, contact our Sales Department.

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